• 8.29.15

    DJ Suga Ray to Bring the 90s Party to 90sFest!

    90sFest is pleased to add Dj Suga Ray to its prestigious line up of artists. DJ Suga Ray started spinning in his dorm room, at which time he began to notice a new found passion and respect for his father’s treasured art form. This also heightened his love for entertaining which allowed him to secure a couple of local and university gigs. Ray found joy in learning how to mix and scratch during which he also studied the turntablists of the 90’s hip-hop movement.


    Through focus and determination, Suga Ray continued to sharpen his skills. In 2002, Ray was hired by superstar Britney Spears to DJ a Charity event in Cape Cod, and was booked as an annual DJ for the singer’s summer camp for children. In 2004, Ray went on to DJ for such 90’s hip hop artist such as Camp-lo, The Lox, and Mos Def. Local club gigs soon followed, and Ray started to develop a reputation around New York City’s entertainment, fashion and political elite.


    With a combination of throwbacks, 90s style and authenticity, Dj Suga Ray will help bring the 90’s-feel to 90sFest! Come and join us for good music and good vibes.