• 6.25.15

    90sFest is in Vogue!

    Don’t Call It A Comeback: It’s Officially The Summer Of ’90s Music! “Or perhaps you can’t even bother with new material? Maybe you just want to stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to? You’re in luck. Tickets just went on sale for Brooklyn’s inaugural 90sFest in September, with a lineup featuring Coolio,Lisa Loeb, Tonic, Smash Mouth, Blind Melon (unsure how that works without Shannon Hoon) and Naughty by Nature. Or you can still catch this summer’s most throwback mega-tour: The New Kids on the Block, Nelly, and TLC (RIP Left Eye) have joined forces to make us feel like the past two decades never even happened. Dope!” <3 you Vogue. Remember, 90s Attire Required! See you on Sept 12. Read more: http://www.vogue.com/13273987/third-eye-blind-bare-naked-ladies/